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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Trying New Recipes

This morning while looking at some blogs, I came across a recipe that sounded really yummy. It's called Crumb Topped Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. Normally, when I look at new recipes, I always find that I'm missing an ingredient or two. But that wasn't the case this morning and that is something exceptional. I took it as a sign that I should make them.

I will say that when I made the crumb topping, like the recipe said, I didn't care much for it. I made a few muffins with the topping the way the recipe said, but then for the rest, I ended up adding a bunch of extra stuff. I think I added extra butter, brown sugar, some rolled oats and some cinnamon. So much better. The whole family loved them.
If you'd like the recipe, it can be found at "" or you can find it by clicking here.

Tonight I also made something new. Well, not necessarily new, but something I had never made before. Growing up, my Grandma Barrett used to make us "kanifila". Basically, it's homemade noodles (flour, water, an egg, a little oil...), boiled potatoes, onions and bread crumbs. It looks something like this....

Don't forget to eat it with sour cream!

I'd post more on how to make it.... but there's no recipe. And at this point, having made it for the first time by myself, I don't think I've got it all down perfectly. So, I'll try it a few more times before I post a recipe. But, chances are, if you like perogies then you'd probably like kanifila.

My sister, Fern, has made kanifila quite a few times. So, Fern, how do you think my first time turned out??

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