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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sick Day - Works of Art

Have I said how much I love the creativity of my kids? Yes? Well, let me say it again.... I love the creativity that my kids have and the amazing works of art they can create. Even when they're sick!

Elora's had a fever for a few days and as a result, she's been home with me and Matthew for several days. Elora is probably my most artistic child. They're all very artistic, but Elora has just a little more. She can create and draw things literally ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. She definitely takes after her mother.

Yesterday morning, I found her sitting at the table with Matthew. Elora was making super heroes out of her stuffed animals. Matthew's stuffed animals were becoming super villians. Then they tied their animals to a coat hanger, proceeded to tie a long piece of string from the top of the stairs to the far side of the room below and then send their "super heroes" flying down the said string. It kept them entertained for a very long time.

Along with creating super heroes, I also found Elora had created this for her stuffed animals to stick their heads through. Too funny!

Lastly, not only was Elora busy making stuff for her stuffed animals, but she also drew this picture. One of my favorites! Amazing what she can draw at only 8 years old.

So, despite not feeling her best, Elora still managed to have a great day and created many works of art.

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  1. She is very talented. She does take after her mother.