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Monday, 25 April 2011

Birthday Cake

It's my sister, Heather's, birthday tomorrow. She loves cake. Okay, not just cake.... she loves icing!! In fact, she might not like cake at all.... she might like the icing only! One year, I should make a big pile of icing and pretend it's a cake. She'd probably love it. Maybe next year.

Although my younger sister, Fern, made Heather a fabulous cake yesterday, I still wanted to make a small cake for her.
I saw a cake online the other day. It was a cake by "I am baker". It looked very easy and looked like it would have lots of icing. Perfect for Heather. If you'd like to see the tutorial, click here.

Here's a picture of her cake....

She took one look at it and did this....

I made her do it again, so I could catch a picture of her doing it. So funny. I take that as a sign that she liked it.
Heather was complaining about looking bad. Whatever. I don't think Heather ever had a bad hair day or anything. She always looks good.

Along with her cake, I also made a cupcake bouquet for her. She's going to have it at work tomorrow to share with her coworkers.

(see the cute terra cotta pot?? I bought it at the dollar store. I think it's super cute!)

Happy 45th Birthday Heather!!
Love you lots Sis!

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