Kiddle Family - November 2012

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween Night 2012

This year the kids had fun dressing up for Halloween.  As usual, the kids were changing their minds about what they wanted to be, up until the very end.  Emily and Elora even dressed up in two different costumes in one day, one costume for school (I didn't get photos of them in these costumes) and another for the evening.
Here's photos (just for you David and Rosalie!)

Abigail as Princess Leah from Star Wars

One of the benefits of long hair....  No wig needed here!

Matthew as Harry Potter.  I managed to buy this Hogwarts robe for only $2.

Since I bought the robe from Goodwill, it had no glasses.  Matthew had the great idea of just using 3D glasses.

Elora as an old woman

Emily as an old man

Before heading out Trick or Treating

So much candy!  The kids were having a hard time carrying it all.

Matthew and his stash of candy.  Wow, that's a lot!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Winter Wonderland Wedding cake

I was asked to make a wedding cake recently.  Love the theme.... Winter Wonderland.
They showed me a picture of an example wedding cake that they liked, blue with pinecones on it.  I don't usually like to copy cakes (cause let's face it, it's next to impossible to duplicate a cake exactly), but it gave me something to start with.

Anyways, I thought it turned out great.  Here's some pictures....

All finished.  I like how it came together in the end.

Snowflakes are hand piped in royal icing

A mixture of regular and mini cupcakes.  Chocolate, vanilla and some carrot

The reception area.  Decorated so pretty.