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Friday, 19 July 2013

100th Birthday Cake

I am so slow on any of my postings.

So, a few months ago, my Grandma celebrated her 100th birthday.   100 years, it's quite the accomplishment.  Especially since Grandma still continues to live independently in her own home by herself and keeps very active.

So, as her birthday was coming closer, my sister Fern and I decided that we'd like to make a cake for her birthday party.   We wanted something fairly big with a unique design that tells the story of her life.   We brain-stormed and came up with a few ideas.   In the end, we decided to do a 4-tiered cake with edible images and hand-painted accents.

Fern and I split the work between the two of us.   I was very thankful that I have a sister that makes cakes like I do and I didn't have to do a project like this on my own.   It would have taken forever!   The cake consisted of three different flavours.   One tier was chocolate, one tier was berry and two tiers were vanilla.

Anyways, I am so happy with the way it turned out!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The finished cake

Fondant figure that I made.   I must admit that I found it tricky to make someone so old.

Edible images printed on rice paper, fondant frames, hand-painted wheat

The cake at the birthday party

Fern and I.   We make a good team.

Grandma with her birthday cake

Fern, Grandma and I

All 4 of my kids with Grandma.   What a great day to celebrate!

One of my favorite pictures.   Matthew giving his Great Grandma a kiss on the cheek.
What was fun too, was the fact that the Sun newspaper and Global news were both at Grandma's party.   How excited I was to see a big picture of Grandma and my cake in the newspaper the next day.   I had a friend who noticed the cake and thought of me, not realizing it was mine and texted me to go check it out.   Too funny.

Happy Birthday Grandma!   Looking forward to your 101th birthday!!


  1. Can't believe how cool your grandma is! I love the pic of her and Matthew.

  2. Hello! You did a wonderful job on this unique cake! My grandma is also turning 100 and have been brainstorming ideas for the cake ( as i am making it) Are the photos you have on the cake eatable? If so, where and how do i do that?

    1. Hello Fadia,
      Yes, everything on the cake is edible, including the pictures.
      Pictures are printed on thin rice sheets that can then be put on the cake. You can check at your local bakery and see if they can print off edible pictures for you. I live in Canada and I had Sobeys do it for me there. The cost was reasonable. I think an 8x10 was somewhere between $10-$15 Cdn. A cake like that, we used small pictures (2"x3" and 2"x2"), so we got most pictures on one sheet.
      I recommend NOT doing black and white pictures. They don't turn out well. Instead, go for color pictures or at the very least... sepia.
      If you have any other questions, let me know.

  3. I was searching for 100 year cakes and I have to say this is my favorite!!!!! My grandpa-in-law is turning 100 this week and we are having his party next Sunday...I think I'm going to use your cake idea. Thanks so much for posting! It's by far the best I've seen!