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Friday, 19 July 2013

Tree Stump Cake

My sister-in-law asked me to make a birthday cake for my niece's 11th birthday.   She asked that it would have animals on it.   Other than that, I could do whatever I'd like.

I knew exactly what I wanted to make.   A cake that I've always wanted to make.   A long time ago, I bought a Debbie Brown book that had a tree stump cake in it and I fell in love with it.   It's so adorable.   So, I decided to make it for Lucy for her birthday.

The cake was vanilla with buttercream icing and fondant.
The entire cake is edible except the few skewers that are used for structural support.

Here's some pictures.

The face in the tree trunk was a challenge to get it to blend all together nicely

Lucy loves birds.  A must-have on the cake.

Love the details like the little stairs and door opening on the side

Back side.  There were some small blossoms on the vine, but I added them after this pic
Happy Birthday Lucy!

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