Kiddle Family - November 2012

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pocket Gods Cake

My sweet little niece LOVES the Pocket Gods game.
Do know it?   I didn't really.  So, when I was asked by my sister if I could make her cake, I knew I needed to play on this little app for a while.  What a funny app.   No wonder the kids love it.

Requests for the cake?
Well, there are baby pygmies and there's a little blond pygmy named Sun.   Those two are musts.
Otherwise, the rest was left up to me.   (Ah.... I LOVE it when I get free reign on a cake)

Pictures?   Of course.

All edible

Pygmies were made from fondant

"Temple" was made from rice crispy squares, covered in icing and fondant

My kids wanted to play with fondant, so I had them make me some fish.

My niece's favorite characters.

Finished cake.   Happy Birthday Jordyn!!!

Thank you Heather, for letting me make Jordyn's cake.   I had a lot of fun.   I loved seeing how happy Jordyn was when she saw her birthday cake.

January 18

Day 18

Matthew takes a mixed martial arts class once a week.   He LOVES it.   He takes it very seriously and he always listens to his instructors and what they encourage him to do.
Here he is practicing his shoulder rolls.

January 17

Day 17

This kind of weather is awesome.   It's warm outside and all the snow is sticky and soft.  Perfect for playing in the snow.   My kids have spent a lot of time outside lately.   Elora made is awesome snow horse.   It's almost life sized.   What a creative girl!

January 16

Day 16

 A first.   Matthew came home from school and said he needed some paper so that he could write a story.
He wrote and wrote.   A whole hour.   I'm so impressed with how he did.

"once upon a time there lived
star wars far away in a
galaxy far far away there
 was princess leah in a ship
and darth vadar was attacking the
ship to get princess leah
the jedi was trying to
get the empire back they got
 the empire back and they
 had to get out of the
ship because the ship was
getting destroyed they were getting
 to the front of the ship
but they got attacked and went
to the front of them and
they got ? and then ?
 fighting them but he exploded
the ship and the ship was
 falling down and they landed ....."

January 15

Day 15

"Snow Babies"
The twins came home from school with these cute little babies.   
They made them after school, while waiting for Abigail, and they carried them home.
You have to admit, their snow babies are cute.

January 14

Day 14

Photoshop Elements 11.   I've always wanted it and just after Christmas, it went on sale so I purchased it.
I've had a lot of fun playing around with it, but I've come to learn very quickly that it's a lot harder than I thought.  Not necessarily hard to do, but hard to figure out what to do.   So many options.    So many buttons.   So many things to learn.    Today I spent a lot of time playing around with it.   I'm learning.   Slowly.   But, I'm learning and it makes me happy.

January 13

Day 13

We have "Family Home Evenings" on Sundays.  Ideally, we'd have it on Mondays, but because we have dance, we now have it on a different night.   Tonight it was my choice for activity.   I thought the kids are now at the age where we could teach them to play some of our favorite games.  We love Settlers of Catan, so that's what we played tonight.   I was impressed with how quickly the kids learnt how to play.  How to work together and trade for things they need.  It was awesome.  And such a close game!!  In the end, it was 3 of us trying to get one last thing to win the game.  And in the end, the winner was...... Matthew!!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

January 12

Day 12

 Yesterday when I found the porcupine, I immediately thought of my Dad and how much he would love to come and pictures of it too.   So, today my parents met me and together we went searching for the porcupine again.   We found him in the same tree as yesterday, except this time he's moved up higher.
Such a cute face!!

January 11

Day 11

I had every intention of staying at home today.  I wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought I would just curl up and start a new book and read by the fireplace.   It was late morning when I saw a new notification for a geocache became available.  I don't normally race out to get FTFs (First To Finds), but I figured I might actually have a chance to be one of the first.   I headed out the door then with the intentions of just finding the one and coming back home.  I arrived at Nose Hill Park and soon ran into some other geocacher that I knew.  One had gotten the FTF and was heading out and the other was on his way to find it, so the two of us went together and made the find together.   After a brief chat, I decided to find another that was closeby and then KinderKen mentioned that the closest geocache actually was by the home of a porcupine.  Now that caught my interest.  So I went for a walk.  I found tracks that might be his and followed them through the thick bush and deep snow until I found him up in a tree.   I'm so glad I decided to get out and go for a walk today.
Even porcupines enjoy a good view

January 10

Day 10

As nice as it is to have a large drive way, it's a real pain in the butt to shovel.  Especially when we get as much snow as we have today.   How thankful I am when Cam goes out and shovels.

January 9

Day 9

Matthew ice skating

So, this is something I'd had to confess..... we've never taken our kids ice skating.... ever.
I know.   So bad.   Tonight the Activity Days activity was going ice skating.  I had full intentions of not taking any kids.   But Emily heard and she really wanted to go.   I found some old skates and Cam took Emily and Matthew.   They LOVED it.    So, I guess we need to make a goal to get out and go ice skating again.  And maybe next time all of us will go.

January 8

Day 8

The kids are all back in school.  Christmas break is over.   And in our house, that means the Christmas decorations start to get put away.  

January 7

Day 7

Last year we got a cotton candy maker.   The kids love it.   What is really nice about it is that it can turn any hard candy into cotton candy.   So, ever since Christmas, when the kids got some candy canes they've been asking to make some.   Today I decided to let the kids make their own.  Abigail was so pleased that she could do it on her own.

January 6

Day 6

It's moments like this that warms my heart as a mother.     I came upstairs and found Elora reading her scriptures.  She had a lesson in church where her teacher, Sister Jones, encouraged her and the rest of the class to read the scriptures and to learn for themselves now if the scriptures are true.

Friday, 11 January 2013

January 5

Day 5

Tonight Cam and I went to go see Les Miserables with my Mom and sister, Fern.
We had watched the older version of this movie with Liam Neilson, the night before.  So, what did we think of this new version??  Well, the new version had some great music, but when it came to the acting and the way that the story was told, we both agreed that we liked the older one better.  So, if you go see this new one, go see it because you want to listen to the music.

January 4

Day 4

We went out geocaching.   The kids have discovered recently that they don't need toboggans to slide down a hill... they just need to lean back and slide down on the backs of their winter coats.  So now when we go outside and if there's a hill nearby, that's the first place they go.   Such silly kids!!

January 3

Day 3

It's been a very long time since we've had Korean food.  Tonight we decided to go out to the Korean Village Restaurant.  It was the first time the kids have ever eaten korean.   We got a variety of things to eat and I think it was unanimous on what they liked.... bulgogi.

January 2

Day 2

The kids have been asking and asking to go tobogganing.  It just seemed like there was never a good time to go and our Christmas break so far has been so busy.  Tonight we thought we would treat the kids and head out.  We were surprised to see that we had the entire hill to ourselves, even though it was a beautiful night out.  The kids had so much fun and the hill was very slick!

January 1

So, I had seen some scrapbook friends that have done something called "Project Life".   I loved the idea.
And then I forgot about it.  I didn't give it any thought.... until recently.   I thought maybe this year, 2013, I would try it.  I'm not sure if I'll go all out and buy "Project Life" scrapbooking stuff or not, but for now, I'll take pictures every day and I'll blog about them.  

Day 1

Some of my kids love video games.  Some of them don't care much for them.
Matthew loves them.   And I love to play with him (okay, I like to play just about every game except Super Smash Brothers.... I don't know why I don't like it.  Maybe it's because it seems like a game where you just press a whole lot of buttons and there's no technique..... and maybe cause Matthew beats me every time...)
Here Matthew is playing one of his new video games from Christmas.   He's so happy!