Kiddle Family - November 2012

Friday, 24 August 2012

July cakes

I made two cakes in July.  I'm a little slow in posting them.
It seems when it comes to cakes, it's all or nothing.  If I've got one cake to do in a weekend, it seems like it's inevitable that I'll have more than one for that weekend.

I had a baby shower I was attending and I volunteered to make a cake for it.  My husband knew this and I hear him asking me "how hard is it to make a spiderweb on cupcakes".... and a few other questions.  After a little while, it dawned on me that HE was considering making something for work and it wasn't something simple he wanted.  "Fine.... I'll do it for you." I hear me tell him.  Next thing I knew, he had a specific request for a cake with Dilbert and a spiderweb logo ("make sure the lines are perfectly lined up so you can see the 3D boxes in them.....")

Anyways..... one evening and two decorated cakes later.....
Here's some pics....

Both cakes are done completely in buttercream (except the pink blanket and facial features on the bear cake, those are fondant)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Rest In Peace Kelly

So, I've been MIA from my blog lately.  Have you missed me??
Well, there's a lot that has gone on recently.   This past week has been tiring and emotionally draining.  My Sister-in-law, Kelly, passed away.  It's been very difficult to wrap my mind around.  Especially since my brother, Scott, passed away almost 3 years ago and it was his wife that now joins him.  So, so sad.   Especially for my nephew and niece.

Today was Kelly's funeral.
My sister, Fern, and I put together a slideshow of Kelly's life..... a hard task for us to do, especially when it brought back so many painful memories of my brother.
If you'd like to watch, I welcome you to.  Be sure to have some tissue close by.

We will never forget you Kelly.

May you rest in peace Kelly.  We will miss you.

(if the above video doesn't work for you, you can also find the slideshow at the following link....