Kiddle Family - November 2012

Saturday, 12 January 2013

January 11

Day 11

I had every intention of staying at home today.  I wasn't feeling the greatest and I thought I would just curl up and start a new book and read by the fireplace.   It was late morning when I saw a new notification for a geocache became available.  I don't normally race out to get FTFs (First To Finds), but I figured I might actually have a chance to be one of the first.   I headed out the door then with the intentions of just finding the one and coming back home.  I arrived at Nose Hill Park and soon ran into some other geocacher that I knew.  One had gotten the FTF and was heading out and the other was on his way to find it, so the two of us went together and made the find together.   After a brief chat, I decided to find another that was closeby and then KinderKen mentioned that the closest geocache actually was by the home of a porcupine.  Now that caught my interest.  So I went for a walk.  I found tracks that might be his and followed them through the thick bush and deep snow until I found him up in a tree.   I'm so glad I decided to get out and go for a walk today.
Even porcupines enjoy a good view

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