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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Pocket Gods Cake

My sweet little niece LOVES the Pocket Gods game.
Do know it?   I didn't really.  So, when I was asked by my sister if I could make her cake, I knew I needed to play on this little app for a while.  What a funny app.   No wonder the kids love it.

Requests for the cake?
Well, there are baby pygmies and there's a little blond pygmy named Sun.   Those two are musts.
Otherwise, the rest was left up to me.   (Ah.... I LOVE it when I get free reign on a cake)

Pictures?   Of course.

All edible

Pygmies were made from fondant

"Temple" was made from rice crispy squares, covered in icing and fondant

My kids wanted to play with fondant, so I had them make me some fish.

My niece's favorite characters.

Finished cake.   Happy Birthday Jordyn!!!

Thank you Heather, for letting me make Jordyn's cake.   I had a lot of fun.   I loved seeing how happy Jordyn was when she saw her birthday cake.

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