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Monday, 4 April 2011

Surviving General Conference

General conference weekend used to be something I used to look forward to and dread. A total oxymoron.
Look forward..... to sleeping in and listening to the Prophet and other general authority speak to us, all from the comforts of my home while lounging in my pjs all day if I wanted.
Dreading...... the battle that sometimes came along with trying to get the kids to listen to one session, usually Sunday morning. I don't like the whining. I don't like the complaining.

So, that's the way it's been for years. Looking forward to it all while dreading it all at the same time.

Until recently.....

Last October, I decided to make a nice breakfast that we'd eat. I made Puffed French Toast and strawberry syrup. It's like eating donuts for breakfast. It's fantastic! If you want the recipes, click here and here. You won't be disappointed..... though you might feel a little guilty for eating something so sweet and delicious for breakfast. Seriously, it's like donuts!
Then, I printed out some activity pages from the Sugardoodle website. Click here. I don't use all the pages from just one packet. I usually pick and choose from a variety of them, the ones I think my kids would like best. I staple the booklets together and the kids can work on them during conference.

The results?...... the kids sat quietly for the entire session and even opted to sit though part of the second session as well. It was fantastic!

So, we tried it all again this weekend. And it worked just as good as the last conference. The kids sat though all of the Sunday sessions and I didn't even have to ask them once to sit and listen and be quiet. They actually seemed to be really excited for conference to start. It was nice. My only complaint.... Sunday afternoon we played "Bingo" with jelly beans and skittles. The kids loved it, but if there were any little sounds (like someone whispering or walking around) would usually result in one of the kids complaining that they couldn't hear the speaker very good and they were going to miss a word and thus, one of their candies. A little annoying, but a small price to pay.

So, if you struggle with your kids, like we used to do..... try making some general conference activity booklets. And just so you know, they have youth and adult ones too.... for note taking. I may just have to print those off one day for Cam and myself too.

Here's some of the kids' pages about the speakers that they filled in......

So, what do you do in your family to make General Conference weekend more enjoyable?? Have a game or activity that helps you to listen and focus a bit?? Cause, let's face it, it's sometimes hard to sit and listen tentatively for 2 hours straight for each session.... and it's not just kids, right?

And if you missed some of the talks from General Conference, you can view them at or by clicking HERE. Enjoy!!

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