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Friday, 29 April 2011


CITO stands for "Cache In, Trash Out". Geocachers are encouraged to practice CITO by picking up trash laying around when we go geocaching.

Tomorrow (April 30th) is International CITO Day. Did you know?
Tomorrow also is going to be the first time we participate in a geocaching event. We plan to go to one of the parks in the city (Munroe Park) and meet some other geocachers and together clean up all the garbage in the area. I'm sure my kids are going to be thrilled when they find out what I've got planned.

Tomorrow also is the start of another CCARS event (CCARS - Calgary Cache and Release Spring). I've always wanted to join in the fun and I think we will for a while. CCARS events are a 24 hour marathon event, where some people geocache for 24 hours straight... even going all through the night. There's a start get-together (CITO event we'll be attending), a midnight get-together and a close get-together (bummer it's on a Sunday). Along with the get-togethers with other people, there are also a multitude of new geocaches that are released specifically for the event and people are not to go find them until Noon on Saturday. Most of these new caches are also in different categories (micro, holiday, in plain sight, Monty Python) and then those caches compete to be the best in their category and geocachers vote on which they like.
Sounds fun..... doesn't it??

So, today I'm spending some time looking up the new caches that have gone online and deciding which ones we'll go look for tomorrow and also, which caches in the surrounding areas we'll look for too.

It's absolutely amazing to me, just how many geocaches are all around us. Take a look at this small section of Calgary on this map... Crazy! I bet there are a couple thousand hidden within Calgary. Good thing about that.... you don't have to drive or walk very far to find a new one.

So, I'm hoping for no more snow and a pleasant day/evening tomorrow.
I've also convinced Cam to arrange babysitting tomorrow night, so we can go out together without kids and call it a date night. Cheap and fun. What could be better?

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