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Friday, 1 April 2011

Paper Chains and artwork

It's spring break. What does that mean in our house?? It means the kids are going through LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of paper. It's actually amazing to me that we even still have some in our house.

I woke up the other morning to find the kids all quietly making paper chains. I don't think I've EVER seen a paper chain so long! Then, they decided to go onto the second floor, throw the paper chains over the edge and tape them all so they hang over the edge into the stairwell below.

Would you believe that that is all ONE paper chain? Super long! And, you can't even see it all.... there's 3 feet of wall above the picture. I really should have taken a picture from a different angle, so you could have seen how ridiculously long it was. These pictures really don't do it justice.

They were so proud of their paper chains. I let them keep it up for a couple days.
Then, they spent a long time running though them. I should have grabbed the camera when they were running through them cause it was quite funny. They'd go through them and throw them up and make a pose. It kept them entertained for a very long time. They'd go though, run around the couch and do it over again and again and again.
I'm just glad they were all cooperating and playing together nice and quietly.

I love the creativity that my kids have.

This week I also woke up to Emily and Elora drawing pictures for "The Friend" magazine. I think it's Emily's goal to get one of her pictures in there. We mailed a picture a few months ago, but it didn't make it into the magazine. So, she's trying again and keeps asking me when we'll send it in again. She's very determined. And, she's got Elora making pictures for The Friend too. I imagine that it's probably next to impossible to get your picture chosen, but for now, I guess we'll be sending in some more.

Here's Emily's two newest pictures she wants to send in....

Here's Elora's picture she'd like to send in.....

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  1. Your kids draw better than me.
    I'm not saying that I am good at drawing, but seriously... your kids must get their art talent from you!