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Friday, 4 March 2011

Flowers and Cupcakes

I never had much interest in blogs.... until recently. I have a few friends that have some and I've found that I enjoy reading them. Also, there's a few blogs from people I don't personally know and there's been all sorts of new things that I've learned, all because someone took the time to blog about it and decided to share what they know. So, I've decided to venture out and start my own blog.

I've decided that this blog is going to have a little of anything and everything. Cam laughed at me when I said I was thinking of calling my blog "Kiddles 'N Bits". I guess he thought it was cheesy. Yeah, I know. But, I thought it kind of summed up what this blog will be about. Bits of stuff.

So, I thought my first post will have some of my newest projects.
A couple nights ago, I decided to search the web and look for a tutorial that would teach me how to make gelatin wings that I can use on a cake I'm going to do next week. My sister, Fern, has made them but she couldn't remember ingredient amounts and I wasn't about to just go guessing. While searching, I came across pictures of flowers you can make using the same technique.

Here's some pictures of my first attempt at making gelatin flowers...

One day I'll find a use for these flowers and I'll put them on a cake.

So, while surfing the web, I also found this blog tutorial....
Great tutorial and fun idea, though I'm not crazy about their idea of just using silk flowers to fill in the gaps. Kind of tacky, in my opinion. If you're going to go to all that work, you might as well use fondant or some other edible type of leaves. But, that's just my opinion.

So, I was excited to try making one of these cupcake bouquets. Here's a look at the one I made this today. It turned out great, but took longer than I would have liked or will admit to anyone. Hopefully next time (and yes I'll be making these again!) it will be a lot faster to make.
My niece is engaged. I think something like this would be super cute to have on a dessert table at a wedding!

I used 31 mini cupcakes to make this and several fondant leaves.

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