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Saturday, 26 March 2011

98 and Fabulous!

My Grandma Orr is Fabulous!!

She'll be celebrating her 98th birthday in a week and she's looking so good. I don't know what it was, but today she looked so good. Maybe it was her cute pink outfit (pink being her favorite color!) or maybe it was the fact that she just had her hair done at the neighborhood high school. I don't know, but she's looking good!

I had the opportunity to make my Grandma's birthday cake. I was quite excited. I tried quite a few new things. I made calla lilies for the first time... after watching a youtube tutorial. I also decided to try and do some brush embroidery on the sides too, something I haven't done before either. I think it turned out quite well. Here's some pictures....

Grandma loved her cake when she saw it. All those pink flowers, just for her.

It was a good birthday gathering and I was so glad that we could be there to help her celebrate. One day I hope I can be like my Grandma. To live to be 98 too. To live an independant lifestyle, in my own home, at that age. I think my Grandma is very inspiring.

Happy early Birthday Grandma!! We love you!!

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  1. Amber, way to go! The cake is amazing! Your flowers are amazing.