Kiddle Family - November 2012

Monday, 21 March 2011

Best Entertainment

I've concluded that PAPER AIRPLANES are the best entertainment for kids!

Why are they so great?
They're cheap and easy to make
You can color and decorate them
Simple variations can change the way they fly
They can do tricks.... circles and loops and dives
If you lose it, you can just make a new one
And best of all, when you get tired of them you just throw them in the garbage

I think my kids can spend HOURS playing with them. It's not uncommon to see several lying around my house.

Okay, I'll also admit that I'm not the greatest airplane maker. If asked to, I'll only make one type of plane, but that one kind ALWAYS flies good. It's a great plane. I once got one of those page-a-day type of calendars and each day was a different paper airplane. It was good. I think we made 3/4 of them and then the kids lost interest for a while. I think the rest of that pack of paper is in the craft drawer some where. Maybe we'll have to dig it out so the kids have a new variety of planes to play with.

Here's how I make my favorite planes..... I think you should be good with just some pictures....

Sometimes I don't make those extra folds on the sides and I just leave the wings flat.

So, make a paper airplane with your kids today! Happy flying!

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