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Sunday, 6 March 2011


I have an obsession. Okay, I have a several, but only one I'm going to write about today.
It's baby hats. And no, I'm not pregnant and they're not hats for me to keep.

In January, a friend told us about the Fabella Hospital in the Philippines. It's a hospital that provides services to those that could not afford medical care otherwise. The pictures my friend shared with us were crazy! A couple of women per bed a lot of times. No privacy, even when women are in labor and delivering their babies. Little premies with no incubators and modern technology to help them survive.

A request was made for knitted and crocheted hats for these little babies. I could do that. I could make some hats. So, at first, I watch some youtube videos and taught myself to crochet. I made some very cute ones, even ones with little flowers on them. But, they were time consuming. Okay, not that time consuming, they took me 2-3 hours to make.

But then I tried using Abigail's new round knitting looms. They made perfect little hats for those perfect little heads. I was hooked on making hats with these looms. One hat could take me 45 minutes. One tv talk show episode like Ellen or Oprah and I could have a hat made. Short and sweet and I'm left with a feeling of accomplishment and purposeful service given.

In 2 months, I've made over 25 hats. I've even found that I have to stop myself from making more. I think there have been days when I've made 3 in one day. Cam looked at the growing pile of hats I had accumulated and asked "Do you know how many hats you're made?" I'm thinking he thought it was a little over-board. But it's all for a good cause.

If you'd like a new project, look into making hats too. If you live by me, I've got some looms you can borrow (I asked Provo Craft to donate 10 looms for our ward to share and they promptly agreed and sent some. Thank you Provo Craft!)

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