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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Souvenir from Prague

A couple weeks ago, Cam was at a conference in Prague (and for anyone geographically challenged, like myself, that is in the Czech Republic..... and if you truly were geographically challenged like me, you'll be thinking to yourself, "that doesn't help")
During one of our phone conversations, Cam mentioned that there are numerous stores that sell souvenirs and that there are numerous nesting dolls. I was quick to say that I would like one.
When Cam got home, I was quite happy when I opened my gift. It was this nesting doll. I was amazed at how small it could get. The smallest was smaller than a pea. I love the details painted on these dolls. Cam did a good job in picking a souvenir for me.

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  1. I can recommend you visit the Museum/ shop of Garnet ( Prague 1, Panska 6) it is one of the few places in Prague where you can be sure not to buy a piece of glass. Granat Turnov made jewelry in sterling silver and gold. I think it's good souvenirs from Czech.