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Saturday, 4 June 2011

2011 May Long Weekend - Part 3 (finally)

With one of my favorite hobbies being geocaching, we of course had to find some new geocaches in the Radium area.

We found this clever one in a little town called Wilmer. This was a two parter. First set of coordinates took us to a large rock monument that had several plaques about Conrad Kain, a man that did a lot of exploring in the area. After answering several questions, we realized the second and final part of this cache was right beside us, by this display (see pictures).
Then we found a couple in Invermere. The first one was at a little "museum" that talks about Lake Windermere and the history of Invermere. Nothing was open, but we did spend a few minutes looking through some of the buildings. We've driven by here many times, but this was the first time that we actually stopped to see what was here. Sometimes, this is what I love about geocaching, taking me to new places that I might otherwise never take them time to stop and look at.
The little boys with the gps, leading us to the cache area.
Ben made his first find. Good job finding it.

This other cache in Invermere was down by the water. The kids liked the short break to throw rocks.

We took my parents out on the Sunday and found this quick find. Not an unusual find for us, since caching in the city, there are plenty of these. Did you know these "lamp skirts" lift up? We had a good laugh when Mom had a hard time spotting the black magnetic case, even though it was right in front of her.
While finding this cache, we spotted an Osprey nest. Dad managed to get this picture of one of the birds...

The same guy that did the Wilmer cache (up above), also did this new one in Radium. It's right in the main town of Radium. Very clever hide! I quite liked it.

And the finally, to end my posting about this weekend, I just wanted to mention the games we played. Matthew wanted to play "Blink". A card game that me and him frequently play at home. It's a game where you race to play your deck of cards faster than your opponent, by matching either shape, color or number (or shapes). Anyways, it was quite funny. I hear a commotion in my sister's trailer and I go in there to find Matthew playing against Ryan (my niece's fiance) and Matthew is winning. Matthew was so thrilled that he won. Just look at his face. Ryan on the other hand, seemed quite shocked that he lost.... twice! Matthew was definitely giving some of the men around camp a run for their money on that game.

Well, that's all I'm gonna share with you. Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into all the fun activities we had on one of our favorite weekends of the year. I think we look forward to our annual family campout all year long. And now you know why.

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