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Friday, 24 June 2011

Missionary Homecoming Cake for the Whitneys

The Whitneys left 23 months ago, to serve a mission in Peru. They returned home just a few days ago and my friend, Meg, is hosting an Open House tonight to celebrate their return. Meg asked me to make a cake for the open house. I was happy that she allowed me to have free reign on the cake and do whatever I wanted.

For this cake, I wanted to make it unique. Something just for them. A cake that would tell a bit of a story and share some of their experiences from Peru. I sat down one day to brain storm, and I came up with this sketch....

Each of the rectangles around the side of the cake, I wanted to have a quote from their blog. Either an experience or saying or a cultural fact about Peru.
I think I read their entire blog yesterday looking for stuff. They had an amazing mission and I'm glad they kept a blog about it and were willing to share what they've been doing for the last 2 years.
Anyways, the cake turned out fantastic! Here's a look at some of the pictures I took of it finished....

In case it's hard to read in the pictures (and not all I took pictures of...) Here's all the quotes I wrote on the side of the cake....

"You are in PERU now"

Aug. 2009 On our way to Peru after 1 week in the MTC in Utah

Sep. 2009 "Jorge was our "tele-tutor" that tried to teach us espanol over the phone. He did a really good job, we didn't."

"It was good going down."

"Picture with the gorgeous GRINGA"

Oct. 2009 "We ventured out with a prayer on our lips and in our hearts that we may do someone some good today."

Sep. 2009 "There is no baptismal font at the chapel, so we charter a bus to the ocean. It was a really spiritual meeting."

Oct. 2009 "The favorite security company in Peru is DOG."

Oct. 2009 "This week our service project was on a Cuy (guinea pig) ranch. Cuy is considered a delicacy in many places in South America.

June 2010 "Life is not about how much you have got, rather it is about the attitude that you have about what you have got."

July 2010 "People even said that they understood my talk, which was surprising but gratifying.

Sept. 2010 "Yahoo! Looks like we are planning another wedding.... maybe even 3 more."

Feb. 2011 "That DOG BIT me" (Debbie was bitten by a dog and had to have numerous rabies shots.... and that's the reason there's a dog on the top of the cake in Debbie's arms.... cause I thought that would be humorous, since I'm sure Debbie is no longer keen on dogs)

May 2011 Upon finding a SCORPION in their hotel..... "Quiet or everyone will want one"

May 2011 "I have come to understand that when the Spirit instructs you what to day or do, you need to do it."

Oh, and just so you know, everything is completely edible except the skewers used for the flag poles and stablization within the cake. The people, dog, flags are made from fondant. The writing of all the quotes was done with Wilton's Food Writers (this was the first time that I've used them. They're quicker to use than my usual small paintbrush....)

And lastly, this is a 10" and 6" Pumpkin Spice cake with cream cheese icing (under a thin layer of fondant).

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  1. I found your blog when I was googling for missionary cakes. I just did my first missionary cake. Thanks for the inspiration!