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Monday, 20 June 2011

Letters to a Missionary

Tonight we had Family Home Evening (FHE). It's been the first time almost since last fall, that we've been able to have it on a Monday night. Yes, we still have our weekly FHE, we usually do it on Sunday.

This week, it was my turn for the lesson. Ever feel like you can't come up with a good idea for a lesson? Something that the kids would like and is still something spiritual?? Oh, I do all the time. I hate to admit this, but sometimes we just take an easy out and just watch one of the Mormon Messages and then talk about it afterwards for a bit. The kids like it and it seems to work for us lately.

But last week, my friend Liana, posted on Facebook that they wrote letters to missionaries for their FHE. What a good idea. In fact, I don't think we've ever done that. Surprised? And, we have a nephew that is serving in Argentina right now. In fact, Reggie recently just left the MTC in Utah and finally arrived in Argentina. Who better to write to, than someone my kids really know and can get really excited to write to. Maybe next time, we'll be picking some of the missionaries that are serving from our ward to write to. But for tonight, Reggie will be getting 6 cute letters from my family.

Of course we didn't just write a letter and fold it simply in half and put it in the envelope. We had to put some of our creativity into it. Here's a peek at what we made....

Emily's letter to Reggie. I loved her picture she drew. The others drew pictures too, but only took pictures of the one....

Coloring, folding and putting the letters together.

Want to see what it'll look like when Elder Lybbert receives them?? Here you go..... they're so cute!

And, if you're interested in making some that look like this too.... here's a tutorial that will teach you how to fold these cute shirts.
Oh, and on a side note, I made these the first time last year for Father's Day. They make a cute Father's Day card. I know, a little late to tell you since Father's Day was yesterday, but I didn't think about these until tonight when I was thinking of what to do for FHE tonight. So, remember that for next years Father's Day.

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