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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Out and About Geocaching

Well, with the weather being so nice this past month, I've been able to get a lot of geocaching done. I was looking today and I've found 46 caches so far in the month of October. Wow. (though, there's a lot of other geocachers out there that found that many in just one day this month)

Last weekend was the Calgary Cache & Release event (CCAR). It's a 24 hour marathon starting Saturday at noon and ending Sunday at noon. This is the second time we've participated, though we only go out on Saturday, and even then it's sporadic with all our other activities. There was a lot of drama on Facebook leading up to the event. A lot of not nice things were said and some of it was directed at me. I wouldn't have done anything differently... it was other geocachers who had their noses bent out of shape with the release of "non-judged" caches (one of which was mine). Anyways, it wasn't pretty and I felt quite hurt. Some of the people I used to look up to because of their amazing geocaches, are now people I don't care for as individuals. So disappointing. But, despite all the hoopla... Cam and I had a great time during the event and found 17 caches on the Saturday and even met a few new geocachers out on the trail.

I've found some fun caches. I even took some pictures to show you (some from the CCAR event and some others)....This one was pretty cool. It involved magnets on top that caused the cache to drop out the bottom.
An interesting teepee that some kids had built beside a geocache. See, sometimes the kids do have fun when I drag them out.

The Halloween themed cache was one of the best ones I've seen in a long time. It was complete with a lot of screaming sound effects and flashing lights. What really made this cache impressive was how to open it... which I'm not going to tell you here... you'll just have to see for yourself. Want to know which cache this is... just ask.

A FTF (First to find) cache for me. I've only found three before. Most geocachers race to be the first to find a new cache. During a CAR event is the best time to get at least one. This particular cache was nice enough to have a FTF prize... a Tim Horton's gift certificate. Sweet.

Me and Matthew found Thumper on the side of the road in Bearspaw. Matthew liked this cache.

Some caches make me think... "What the heck?" Actually, this one made me giggle at the silliness of it all.

Any guess where this cache might be hiding. I've seen quite a few of these, so it was a real quick find.

See anything in there Emily?? It's not the cache, but maybe it'll tell us where to go.

Night time caching is always an adventure. Searching in the dark is so much harder. Thankfully this last one was an easy find and thankfully it had a good clue as to where the log book was hiding.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Anyone interested in going geocaching with me?? I'm always looking for someone to come with me, especially during the day.

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