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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mini cake

Families Are Forever.

At a very young age, we're taught that families are forever. They we can spend all of eternity together. Isn't that a nice thought??
It's a very exciting thing, when someone can go to the temple for the first time and then have the opportunity to be sealed together for eternity with their spouse (and all their children).

I had a friend phone me up the other day. She asked if I could decorate a mini cake to celebrate such an occasion. The lady she teaches primary with was going to the Cardston temple this weekend and they were going to talk about it in their primary class today.

The cake is small. Layers are 6", 4" and 2" rounds.
Elora (my 9 year old), helped to make all the flowers with me.
I think Elora is going to be a fantastic cake decorator when she's older. Already she's a big help to me. She has a talent for it.

Anyways, have a look at the cake...

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