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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Creating Geocaches - my newest obsession

Okay, I'm a bit pre-occupied with making new geocaches lately. Just a bit.

There's a "Cache and Release" event coming up in a couple weeks and I'm wanting to release some of my own caches for others to find during this 24 hr marathon of finding new caches....

Here's what I've been doing.....

Spiders. I don't like spiders, but I do love them for Halloween decorations. In fact, I've probably got about a dozen of these in my halloween stuff. So, when I was thinking of what I could do, I thought of these spiders and thought they might make a good geocache. Inside the spider is a black bison tube.

Next cache idea, I will admit is not my own. I actually came across a blog online that had some interesting geocaching stuff. Click here for a link to his site...
This geocacher had a pdf to print out and make into a paper crane, and then you use it to solve where the actual cache is hidden.
Sorry that my paper is all creased. I made my crane, then decided I wanted a picture of it unmade, so I unfolded it all again instead of reprinting it.I love the fact that this person is willing to let others use this idea and use the pdf that they had made.
So, now that I have that, I thought "what could I do for hiding the actual cache?" I could do the usual thing and just hide a tupperware container, but that's not very fun. So, I found some vinyl and made another crane. Vinyl, so that it's waterproof and will last fairly long out in the elements.And then I placed a bison tube in the bottom of my new vinyl crane. So fun.

So, now that I've got some caches made, I'm on the look-out for some place to hide them. I think the spider one would be awesome in some long grass or in a hollowed out big log (not that it's easy to come across those, but I'm looking) I think the crane would be good in a hollow in a tree (I know, geocachers hate micros in trees, but I'm hoping the "camouflage" is creative enough for people to overlook the micro in a tree thing)

I've got another cache I'm working on too. I know, 3 at once?! I actually had some other ideas but was torn as to whether they broke "geocache hiding rules".
But, I'll wait to tell you about my other one later. It's a work in progress and one I'm excited about.

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