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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Halloween Ideas

Okay, I still consider myself to be new to the whole blogging thing. And occasionally, I'll branch out and look at other people's blogs and websites. I love technology and the fact that I can sit in the comforts of my own home and learn about just about anything and everything. Anything I want to make, guaranteed there's something out there that will teach me or inspire me.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Halloween. In fact, I think it's very safe to say that my entire family (my parents, my siblings, my children) we all love this holiday.
I'm excited that it's coming up. I already find myself drawn to the Halloween stuff in the stores... yes, I've walked though Walmart, Michaels, the dollarstores.... looking at what's out.

Anyways, where am I going with this??
Oh yes.... I came across some tutorials of some things I'd like to make this year.
Here's a look....
Jack-o-lanterns in a Jar and a Halloween Clock.

How fun!! I'm excited. I'll post pictures when I make them.

Anyone else have any fun and cool ideas for things they want to make this Halloween??? I'm always looking for something new. Please share.

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