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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bedroom Makeover Surprise

It's a lot quieter in the house this week.
Not only is Cam away to another conference, but Abigail is also away to "outdoor school".

So, when Abigail left yesterday morning, I decided I was going to do a makeover of her bedroom and surprise her. She gets home Friday afternoon, so I hope she likes it when she sees what I've done...

Let me say too.... sometimes what I envision in my head, doesn't always come out quite the way I planned. First off, the tree was all free hand and basically done by just painting it on a whim. I say that because I did not project it onto the wall and I didn't exactly sketch it in pencil either. That was my plan, to sketch it out first, until I realized I can't see the pencil markings from a distance and therefore it was pointless cause I couldn't see the overall picture.... make sense? So, I just "winged" it. Some things I'd change if I were to do it again, but I'm not. I'll just call it a learning experience. Besides, I'm hoping no one cares about the "details" like I do... and you'll all just think it's amazing... right? :)

Anyways, here's some before and after pictures.......

The walls are now a light purple instead of blue. The tree is dark purple (and so is part of my carpet.... but we won't get into how I dropped an entire bucket of paint late last night and some of it landed on the carpet.... no, we won't go there...)
I found those sheer purple curtains at Ikea last night for only $10. Sweet.

Shhhhh... you think Abigail will notice that the blossoms on the fan she bought this summer in San Francisco used to be bright red and I painted over them with purple paint so they'd match her room better?? Gosh, I sure hope she doesn't freak out on me over that when she sees.
And all her paper masks that she likes to make, are now above the door.

Well, I'm hoping to add a few more things. I'm not completely sure what or how. I had bought some picture frames and was planning to hang them above her bed and attach ribbon from the frames to the tree to make it look like they're hanging, but I'm not sure. Maybe. Or maybe I need bigger frames? Or a vinyl word saying from Word to the Wall for the one blank wall? Oh, I'm not sure. Any ideas??? Anyone?

So, now you know why I'm feeling a little sleep deprived today. And why am I blogging, when I could be sleeping??

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