Kiddle Family - November 2012

Monday, 2 January 2012

Fun cakes by my sister

I haven't made any cakes of late (though, I've got 3 coming up later this month), but my sister, Fern has been busy. So, I thought I'd blog about her cakes tonight.

She made this super cute cake for my brother, Michael. It was his birthday on Dec. 30th. And if anyone knows Michael, then they know how much he LOVES his birthday and Christmas. In fact, it used to drive us crazy that he would literally talk about them both ALL YEAR LONG!!
Here's Michaels' birthday cake....

Along with Michael's cake, Fern also made another cake for some lady's birthday. I won't get into how she came upon this cake job cause it just drives me crazy at what other people do..... but Fern stepped up and made a nice cake on short notice. Way to go Fern.
I love how the swan turned out on this one.

It's really nice having a sister that likes to make cakes, like I do. We like to bounce ideas off each other and on occasion we've worked on cakes together.

So, I hope you've enjoyed looking at Fern's latest cakes.


  1. You are both incredibly talented. And cool geocaching icon!

  2. I didn't know Michael was your brother! My friend and I used to take him anywhere and everywhere when we were in the young single adult ward. Which was a LONG TIME AGO. LOL!