Kiddle Family - November 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Christmas fun - Minute to win it style

I love Christmas and this year we spent Christmas Day with my family at my parents' home. It's always fun and there's lots going on. The kids exchange presents and the adults play a game to exchange presents.

As part of the fun, I thought it would be fun if we played some "Minute to Win it" games. I love the tv show and I love the fact that all the tasks done on that game are ones that can be done with ordinary items around the house.

I recruited my sister, Fern, to round up some of the items we needed. Simple things like mini ornament balls or boxes. It was going to be great. And it was!
We had so much fun playing the games. We split up into two teams... girls against the boys.

Games included.....

"Deer Nose Dive" -where we had a red pom pom on the end of a string and the other end is placed in the players mouth. They then needed to swing the pom pom and get it to stick to the end of their nose where we had some toothpaste, though it should have been vaseline but we didn't have any.

"Face the Cookie" - where the player was given a cookie that was placed on their forehead. They then had to get the cookie from their forehead into their mouth by only using their facial muscles. No hands.

"Jingle Box" (Junk in the trunk) - A decorated tissue box full of mini ornament balls is tied to the players back at waist height. They then had to jump and wiggle around till their box was empty.

"Do You Hear What I Hear" - We had a variety of boxes will varying amounts of bells inside. Players needed to shake the boxes and put them in order from least amount of bells to most.

"Christmas Cliffhanger" - The player needed to blow on Christmas cards that were standing on the table. The card need to end where it was hanging on the side of the table with half on top and half hanging below.

"Noodling Around" - Players have the end of a spagetti noodle in their mouth. They then needed to pick up 6 penne noodles onto their spagetti noodle without it breaking.

"Ready Spagetti" - using a spagetti noodle, 2 players work together to pick up as many pop cans and transport them to another table... using only their mouths.

In the end, the girls won (at least for this time)

To end the night, we added on one last "unofficial" game. A party game we used to play a long time ago and only works on those that don't know how it's really played. We originally asked Cam and Ryan to come up and play this one.... put a penny on your forehead and a news paper funnel in the top of their pants. They're then told they need to get the penny into the funnel to win. Immediately Cam says "this doesn't involve water does it??" so he was replaced with my neice Paige. The end result, we tell them to go and we dump water down their pants before they know what hits them. Ha ha ha! So, we're all laughing, when my other neice, Nikki (who was sitting there the whole time but not paying attention) asks what happened (not noticing the obvious wet pants of her family), so we ask her to come play and she says she would! (oblivious to all the water on the floor around her too). So, we play the game again and get her too. So we're howling that we got away with getting her too, when my brother Michael walks in. We convince him too and in the end, he's got very wet pants too. It was awesome.

Anyways, Here's a look at some pictures....


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