Kiddle Family - November 2012

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February 7

Day 38

Our flight landed in the Gatwick Airport in England at 10am.   We took a taxi straight from the airport to the London Temple, where Cam's parents are currently serving a mission.  The taxi ride was fun.... I kept forgetting they drive on the other side of the road and every time we turned a corner, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack from seeing cars in the lane I'm used to turning in.  Good thing I wasn't driving!   First off, here are a couple of things I noticed right away about England....
1) Everything is so green.   It looks like spring.   Complete with flowers.   All that is missing is leaves on the trees.
2) Farms are not rectangular shaped like they are back home.   They're all different odd shapes.   And they are divided up by trees and bushes instead of just barb-wire fences like they are back home.
3) A lot of trees.   Lots.   And they're big and tall.   I thought we had lots of trees back home, but not compared to England.
4)  I love English accents.   I hear them and I can't help but smile.   And when I hear phrases like "rubbish", it makes me want to laugh cause we just don't say that kind of stuff back home.

Anyways, we met Cam's Mom, had some lunch and went for a walk around the temple grounds and to find a nearby geocache (which was just across the road from the temple).   The Temple grounds are huge!!   And very beautiful.   And although the London Temple is not the fanciest looking temple, I must admit that I absolutely love the steeple on it!!
After a while, we joined Cam's parents in the temple, where we then had the opportunity to do sealings for family names.  What a priveledge it was to tour through the temple (I've seen more of the London temple, then I have of any other temple I've ever been in) and be able to use one of the lesser-used sealing rooms (there's 8 of them, on 3 different floors) and we even were able to meet the entire temple presidency (how often does that happen?)
Well, here's a few pictures from our afternoon at the London Temple....
Cam's parents live on the temple grounds. (the building on the right)
Flowers blooming and coming up in the grass

The London Temple's steeple.  Love the color of it.

Part of the temple grounds
The four of us.  David, Cam, myself and Rosalie
After spending the day at the temple, it was time for Cam and I to board an hour long train into London.   Staying awake on the train was challenging.
Our hotel is a short walk from King's Cross Station, but before heading to our hotel, we had to make a little stop in the train station.   After all, being a Harry Potter fan, finding Platform 9 3/4 was a must on my to-do list.

After being up for almost 30 hours, it meant that it was an early night to bed.   I think we both crashed around 8:30pm.

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