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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February 6

Day 37
(fyi, the next 14 days will have LOTS of pictures.... as I'm blogging about our European trip and ALL the things we saw and did)

Cam and I have never been away on a vacation without kids, ever.   That's right.   Our oldest is now 12, so we were long over-due to get away.   A long time ago, I had said we'd go away for our 10th wedding anniversary.   It came.   It went.   I said the kids were too young to leave at home.  So, I said we'd go away for our 15th anniversary, which was just last summer.
So, where to go??  We both took some time to think for ourselves where we would most like to go.  Should we go somewhere warm?  Should we go somewhere far away?
In the end, we sat down and had a little discussion and we both agreed we wanted to go to Europe. To be honest, I've always wanted to go to Italy and even Cam, who travels lots, has never been there.

Anyways, we are on our way.   I'm so excited.   I haven't been on a plane in about 13 years.   A long time.
With getting on the plane at 6pm, it was dark outside.  And then we flew all through the night on one of the most cramped, squished airplanes ever (even Cam said he's never seen one so tight).   It was a long flight!!

The first sign that the sun was starting to come up.  Yay.   Only an hour left on our plane ride at that point.

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