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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ruffle Scarf

Remember me saying, just a day or two ago, how much I enjoy finding new things to make on Pinterest?? Well, I made something else I found on there.... A Ruffle Scarf.

Let me first say, this was the most incredibly easy, quick scarf to make.
  • It requires NO SEWING. Doesn't that sound good??
  • And it took me only a 1/2 hour to make it from start to finish.
  • And it cost me nothing. I used an old shirt that was in my closet (in fact, this particular shirt belonged to my brother and when he passed away, I brought it home. Now when I wear it, I can think of Scott). Even if you don't have a shirt to cut up, this project will still be pretty cheap even if you have to go buy a new shirt. Or next time there's the clothing and housewares giveaway... look for some shirts!
Want to have a look?

Ha ha. I'm totally not going to take a full picture of me today. I look like crap today. Besides, this picture is only to show you my new scarf, right?

Cute. Isn't it? I think it would be a great Christmas present for someone.
If you're interested, here's how you make it..... Click here for tutorial video

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