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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Balloon Twisting - Monkey Bracelets

In case you didn't know, I also like to twist balloons.
I've always been fascinated by twisted balloons and so a few years ago, I decided to buy some high quality balloons from a party store along with a basics book. Now, I rarely use the book and instead, I tend to watch videos on youtube to learn some new ones. Can I say how much I love youtube and all the tutorial videos on there and the multitude of new things you can learn!!

Anyways, I've made these before, so they're nothing new for me. But, I recently got some more balloons and so I thought I'd twist some stuff tonight.

Balloon Monkeys are so cute. You can make them by themselves or holding onto a palm tree, but tonight I made them into "bracelets".

This first one, it's made from the 260 balloons (the standard size that you see usually). But, when you make it as a bracelet, you only have room for the head, front legs and the tail. Still, it's cute. Emily had fun making the face and any other decorations she drew on there...

But, if you make the same monkey using a 160 balloon (smaller in diameter), then you can get smaller twists and therefore can fit the whole body in and get it to fit on someone's arm....

If you want to see a tutorial on how to make monkeys, you can click on this link. I basically did this one with the 160, keeping in mind how big of arms to make to fit onto my kids' arms.
Oh, and FYI, the balloons I've been using over the last several years has been the Qualatex brand of balloons.

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