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Monday, 9 May 2011

Cake, Dance and Parking Frustrations

It's been a crazy day.

This morning after seeing Cam and the twins leave for the day, I started working on a shoe box cake. You've seen the fondant shoe.... now you get to see the finished, complete cake.....

Inside the shoe box is some yummy strawberry goodness. Vanilla/Strawberry cake and a homemade strawberry filling between layers. One of my favorite cakes. Mmmmmmm.

Making this cake (shoebox), I tried a couple new things. First off, the sides of the box were constructed with 4 fondant panels vs. one big sheet that I normally do. The benefit of doing that, is that I could get perfectly squared corners. Just what you'd expect from a box, right. Plus, the lid was done a little differently too, just so the corners were sharp too. I thought it turned out good. I made the box and then I just couldn't figure out what I needed to do... it was lacking something. I thought about painting on a shoe name brand or something, but I couldn't decide on a brand or how I'd like to do it. Then I thought about adding a ribbon and bow across the box, but decided it would take the focus off the shoe. Then, finally the thought came to do something like hand painted swirls. Okay, I first thought I could use one of my rubber stamps and use food coloring instead of ink, but it didn't look good. So in the end, I hand painted it on and just looked at the stamp for reference. It was the perfect solution to filling in some empty space on a plain box.

I finished the cake in time and then it was onto my next focus of the day.... dance. Abigail was doing her group tap number today.... rain. I thought they did better today than they did a couple weeks ago at their last competition. They received Silver. Way to go Abigail!!!
I managed to grab a few photos of her today.....

Then it was time to leave the competition. I parked in the parkade at City Hall. I always park there.... always in, I park there once a year, each year for dance competition. This is where my parking frustrations come in. I was confused. Confused when I arrived because the parkade had changed and I no longer had to get a ticket when I first entered the parkade (in the past, I get a ticket, keep it with me and pay when I leave. Very simple). There were plenty of signs that said I needed my license plate number for when I was to pay. Okay. But, no other specific details. We go to dance, we go to leave. I go to the usual pay station, enter my plate number and my visa, only to find out that I was supposed to have done this before, when we first got there, and I was to do the annoying "guess how long you'll be" type of payment. Oops! So, I'm standing there wondering what I'm supposed to do. The station automatically enters a half hour and you're to enter more time.... but I'm confused. Next thing I know (I guess I was standing there too long), it says thanks for you payment, print a reciept? What?? Okay, so now I've really screwed things up cause we were there for 3 hrs. So, I press the help button. I explain to the voice (can I say how much I hate that there isn't a real person to talk to in person) and I tell him everything. He proceeds to tell me that I've probably already got a ticket cause they have one of those camera trucks that go through the parkade occasionally. So, now what? He tells me to go and take the little half hour stub, hold onto it and maybe I can dispute a ticket later. Nice. So, I'm frustrated beyond what I can handle and the tears flow (tell me I'm not the only one who cries when I get frustrated....)
So, we'll see what happens. And now I'm stuck knowing I must go back downtown for 2 more days and I don't want to park there any more. And I hate not knowing where to park. Grrrrr. The frustrations will continue beyond today. Boo.

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