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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

2011 May Long Weekend in Radium - Part 1

It's become an annual family tradition. To go camping together over the May Long Weekend in Radium.
It's something we've really come to look forward to. We've missed the last 2 years due to dance competitions being over that weekend, so we were quite happy to find that that wasn't going to be the issue this year. My kids were thrilled!
This year we were missing a few members of our family, but there were still 23 of us.... in 5 different sites. We camped in our usual, favorite campground.... Dry Gulch.

Anyways, here's some pictures of our weekend away.

Grandpa (my Dad) seems to always bring a new flashlight for each of the grandkids. My kids love it! This year, Grandpa surprised the kids with large flashlights for each of them.

One of my nephews brought his skateboard. The kids liked to sit on it and roll down the hill. Except, they'd get going down so fast and it was so unsafe, so after a day of it, I banned my kids from using it any more. It was just an accident waiting to happen.

Even my 98 year old Grandma came camping with us for the weekend. Oh, I love Grandma. She cracks me up! She wore a bright pink suit (you can see the pants in this picture) for not one, not two, not three.... but 5 days in a row!! You could spot Grandma a mile away with that pink outfit!
Funny story (okay, there's a few, but here's one)...... Dad was driving out to Radium, when Grandma asks "Are we on Indian land?" They were driving through Morley. My Dad replies "Yes we are". Grandma says "They've got a lot of animals out there!" Dad looks around..... all he sees is a big open area and lots of bushes. Mmmmhmmmm.

Saturday was beautiful outside! I had decided it would be nice to go for a walk and take the family to the Wilmer Bird Sanctuary closeby. We first went there last year, when we went looking for some geocaches in the area. It's so pretty there, I wanted to share this location with everyone else....Love the views here!! It's called the Wilmer Bird Sanctuary, yet I don't think we saw a single bird. Not that it matters.

Not that you can see it here very good, but our group split and you can see some of them up on the top ridge and some at the bottom of the cliffs.
EWWW! Who left this in the middle of the trail?? There was another leg elsewhere and some other bodyparts and fur somewhere else. Yuck!

Around camp, the kids love to play games and play together. Here's a couple shots I got of them hanging out together....

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  1. Darcy's mom made me go to a bird sanctuary once in Edmonton when were were dating. I didn't see a single bird there either!