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Monday, 16 May 2011

A 5 year old's drawing

Normally on Sundays, we have a big backpack full of coloring books and feltpens and other quiet activities for the kids to do. But, with Cam away this week, I wasn't about to carry my RS bag and the backpack around, so instead I grabbed a few of the "Friend" magazines and one feltpen bag to share and threw them in my bag.

I heard a few complaints, but not much. The girls each picked a Friend to look through. Matthew was the only one I brought an actual coloring book for, but when he saw his sisters, he asked for a Friend of his own.

Matthew quietly flipped through the magazine, looking for an activity that he's like to do. Finally, he stopped on this page....

And announced to me "this is the activity I'm going to do!"
I'm thinking, there is nothing to do, but whatever. We'll see what he does with this.
Matthew then proceeded to find a loose blank piece of paper and started to draw a picture like one that he saw on that page. A temple picture that a 9 year old had drawn. Can you see it? On the left? Okay, here's a closer picture of the one Matthew liked in the Friend....

As Matthew worked on his picture, I was surprised to see the patience he showed in trying to make it just like the one in the magazine. He studied each color and shape and I was A.M.A.Z.E.D. Here's Matthew's picture.......

With how close he could get his picture to look like the other, I'm thinking that next time, I should convince him to look off a real picture cause I'm sure he could make something really special!

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