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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

100th Christmas

Yesterday we went to my Grandma's house to help decorate her house a little bit more.   We spent some time painting Christmas pictures on her window.   So much fun.  My kids loved it and they even shared and cooperated so nicely (if only they always were like that!!)

So, as we were painting the window we were talking to Grandma and saying how exciting.... it will be her 100th Christmas this year!!  She wasn't believing us.  But, it's true.  100 Christmases!!

Anyways, here's some photos....

Outside looking in at the kids painting
Grandma coming to check out the painting.
LOVE my Grandma
Finished window

So, as we're painting the window, Grandma is telling the kids how much she used to love to draw, sketch, paint.  She told them how she would always have a pen with her and she would find herself sketching anything and everything.  Sometimes she would draw on a scrap piece of paper, sometimes she would draw on a napkin.  It didn't matter.   Then she said she had a scrapbook with some of her pictures.  We got it out and we looked through it and the kids pointed out and told Grandma which of her pictures they liked.
It was a nice quiet moment that I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope my kids never forget it.

Here's a few pictures....
I love how happy Grandma looks in this photo.

Oops.  How can you rotate this photo?  I guess you're stuck looking at it like this...

A sketch of a dog

Grandma drew this in 1978, when my Grandpa was in the hospital.  An example of her sketching everywhere she went.

Well, this coming Sunday, Grandma will be having the entire family over to her house for her annual Christmas get-together.  Can you believe that at her age, she's still inviting everyone over and hosting a party?!  There's always some fun times to be had at these.  I'll try to remember to take some photos and tell you about some of them.

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