Kiddle Family - November 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012

Happy 65th Birthday Mom!

So, my Mom turned 65 a couple weeks ago.  In fact, my Mom shares her birthday with Canada....  July 1st.
My sister, Fern, and I both knew that Mom should have a nice cake for her birthday, but Mom kept saying she wasn't going to be around for her birthday.  Until, a couple days before, she finally said she was going to be home and we were going to have a "Canada Day" party and NOT a "birthday" party.  Oh, she can be so difficult sometimes when it comes to her birthday. 

Anyways, Fern and I decided to work together to make her a cake.  We both helped in the baking of it and in putting together and decorating it.
Here's some pictures of it...

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  1. Beautiful cake! I especially like how it looks with the candles lit.