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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Recent Fun Geocaches

Ah, geocaching. Yes, another blog posting about one of my favorite activities.

I love it when I come across a cache that someone put some serious thought into and didn't just hide a "tupperware in the trees." Especially when it's something unique and hand crafted. (I will admit, not all of mine are all that special. I have a couple that are just tupperware, but I think most of them have a unique element to them)

Anyways, there's been a lot of really good caches that I've found recently. Not all of them have I taken pictures of, but quite a few of them.
I'm going to share some pictures of the caches here (mostly for the benefit of my cousin who also loves geocaching, though she lives far away and we can rarely go together... and she's the one that got me into it by talking about it.... so she can have some new ideas for hides herself..... or for any of the rest of you and inspire you to take up this fun hobby!!)

Lots of spoiler pictures. But I won't say where they are hidden or the name of the cache.

This one took me a few minutes to find. Not too hard though.

This one I found tonight and it was worth the walk in the very cold wind...
huh, a lock... now what's the code?
Okay, I know. Now what's this?? A second lock... oh boy, this is going to take a while.
eeny meeny miney mo.... which key?
(would you believe I picked the right one of the very first try? What are the chances? It literally made me laugh out loud when it worked!)

Lastly, I had seen these online and had planned to one day hide one of these myself, so when I saw it, it was a quick find cause I knew exactly what it was...

These are all great examples of fun, unique geocaches and what helps to make this a hobby that I love. Now go out and find some yourself!

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