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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Alien Party

I can't believe that my youngest is 6! Where has the time gone??

So, this year we decided to have an ALIEN PARTY. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for his cake. In fact, I had originally planned to make this cake last year, but ended up changing my mind when we decided to have a magic show as part of his party. But, for the last year, I knew I still wanted to make this cake for him.

The cake itself came together quite quickly (quickly is a relative term, but for me a couple hours is still quick...) I had a lot of fun making it. A lot of fun. Maybe it's because I'm making the cake for my little guy and no matter what, he'd be thrilled with it.

As party of his party, I decided to do a little bit of extra stuff to go along with the theme (which I never do). We blew up some balloons and we made them into Aliens. Some looked like this...Some I let the kids decorate with markers. (sorry, no pics of these). They had a great time drawing different alien faces.

As part of the party, we watched "Aliens in the Attic". An older movie that I hoped most kids hadn't seen. It's one of those "kids save the world" type of movie. My kids like it. Anyways, I had originally gone to the store looking for popcorn containers - you know, the red and white striped ones except the store didn't have any that I wanted. Instead, I found some green bags that worked perfectly for this...
And for beverages, we had juice boxes I decorated too. Cute, hey?

So much junk food!! I think Cam went a little crazy. And in the ice cream bucket was actually caramel popcorn. With all this candy, it's no surprise that no one wanted to eat cake later!! (the story of my life when it comes to cakes at my own kids' parties... no one eats them.)Some of the kids are so darn funny. There was one boy that was laughing and giggling throughout the movie. It was very funny.

It was a great party though. Matthew had a great time.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy (oops... I mean big boy!)

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