Kiddle Family - November 2012

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Frog Baby Shower Cake

So I had a request for a baby shower cake and cupcakes for this weekend.
The theme.....  frogs.
Hmmmmm.  How am I going to do this?  I did some pondering and I sketched this out....

Now that I've finished the cake, I am amazed at how close I managed to get it to look like my little sketch.   Here's the pictures I took (sorry, I meant to take better ones, but forgot my camera at home when I set it all up at the baby shower, so these are all ones I snapped on my phone quickly and one that a friend took at the shower)

Mother frog and baby.  Handmade out of fondant.

Cattails.  Can you guess what's on them?

Finished cake.  Love how it turned out.

Congratulations Krista and Joe!  Your new little baby, Ivie, is adorable!!   
Thanks for letting me a part of this day.

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