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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A donation of love

So, some of you already know this.... but last week I finally cut my hair.
My hair was starting to get pretty long a while ago, and so I decided that maybe it was time to try donating it again.  I've done it before.  Last time I donated my hair was almost 6 years ago.

I love long hair.  I love braiding it and doing fun stuff with it.  I will miss it for a while.  But change is good.  And more than anything, I'm happy I can help some little child somewhere who could benefit from my nice long hair.

Just how much did I get cut off??   14"!!
I honestly think that sometimes when hairdressers hear you plan to donate it, they get a little crazy and carried away.  Just like last time (which surprisingly was 14" that time too!), my hair is shorter than I originally planned.   But, it's still long, which is good.

You're probably tired of reading this.  You're probably wanting some pictures.   No?
If you're friends with me, you know I've teased you with pictures like this....

But, I know some of you would like other pictures...  so here you are.  (gosh, I sure hate taking pictures of myself as such)
Before.  Boy was it getting long!!
See, still long.

With my hair being long still, I didn't bother to take photos and post them sooner.  It's more impressive to just say that I cut 14" off.  Right?

So, where am I donating to?  I like to donate to a foundation called Locks of Love.   They specifically make wigs for children.  I like that.   I couldn't imagine being a little girl and not having any hair.
This is the same foundation I donated to last time and they sent me this nice postcard (I still have it!)

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  1. Nicely said Amber. It's a great cause, and I love that it goes to a child. Thanks for posting the story...and the pics are nice too!