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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What we did in May

Wow.  Has it really been over a month since I've blogged.  Time sure has flown by!  So, this post is going to be a mix of what I've been doing and why I haven't been blogging as much.

Dance.  That's probably the biggest reason.
May is one of the busiest months of the year.  In a matter of weeks, we have 3 competitions to go to.  There was even one week, where I was at competition with the girls 5 out of 7 days.  Craziness.   Just Abigail and Emily compete (Elora always opts out and that's fine with me).  Abigail was in 1 tap group number, 1 jazz group number and 1 duet with Emily.  Emily was in 2 jazz groups and the 1 duet.   They did really good and as always, I'm proud of how they did.  Though we can't take photos during the competition, here's a couple that were taken off-stage.
Abigail in her tap group number called "Come Fly With Me".
Emily and Abigail did a duet together called "Human Stuff"

Emily in Going to the Chapel

Cakes?  No cakes lately, but I did do a cupcake bouquet for someone.  Haven't done one in a long time, so it was  nice to do some piping work.  Love the colors too.... blues and purples.

Camping.  Despite having a lot of dance, we still managed to do a little camping.  We joined my family for the end of the May long weekend.  Instead of our trailer, we decided to just take a tent.  It was nice to get out, even if it was just for one night.

Playing Bolaball.

Going for a walk we found this large animal leg up in a tree.  We're speculating on how it got up there.

This valley by Radium has to be one of the prettiest landscapes I know.  Love the views!!

and lastly...
Geocaching?  YES!
I reached a new milestone for finding caches.  I've now reached 800!!  That's quite a few.

I attended the CCARS12 (Calgary Cache and Release Spring) event the end of May.  Love the CCARS events.  I put 3 caches out myself for the event, 2 of them were in the contest categories of "Kid Friendly" and "Non-traditional".  The other cache I put out just for fun and not meant to be judged.
My kid-friendly one was fun to put together.  It was a large tupperwarre container that I decorated up with a balloon theme and then inside, along with the usual tradeable swag, I included a free gift of a twisted balloon for kids that came to find it.  I think the kids liked it.
My Non-tradition was the first "multi" that I put together and I called it "A Little Birdie Told Me".  The way it works for a multi, is that there are several stages (in this case, I just did a two part cache) before you find the final.  My first stage had a field puzzle that you had to solve to take you to the final.  I'm not going to tell you any more about it, but I will say this.... I won second place for my category!!  Yippee!!!
What did I get?   Some geocoins, a new cache container and some swag.  Sweet.   Take a look....

My prize... a new cache to hide!

trackable geocoin

And besides hiding caches, we also found a  lot too!!  We found a total of 21 caches and one midnight event (yes, midnight event... and surprisingly, there were a lot of us still out after 12 hours of caching fun!)
Here's a little look at some of the CCARS caches that we found....
our FTF (First To Find for all you non-geocachers) of the day.
A nice walk in the country.  Cute kid-friendly multi-cache.

In front of my nose?  What's in front of my nose?

This was the winning overall cache for the weekend.
  Created by my friends, the Geowyrms.

The characters standing there are just trackable "
travel bugs" that were in the cache.

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