Kiddle Family - November 2012

Friday, 27 April 2012

2 cakes this week

So, this week I've made a couple cakes.

Monday was election day.   I was asked by my friend to make a cake for them to enjoy as they're watching and waiting for the result to come in.  I have to say, this was the largest, flat cake I've ever made.  22"x15".  Iced in buttercream.  I think it turned out well.   Have a look...

Yesterday was also my sister's birthday.  Now, anyone that knows Heather, knows she LOVES cake.  To be more specific, she LOVES icing!!  So, for her birthday, I made her a pretty cake that is loaded full of buttercream icing.  Just for her.   I've never decorated a cake like this before, so that was new for me.  My friend, Megan, made me a birthday cake this year and decorated my cake like this.  Pretty, simple and easy to do.  I will definitely decorate a cake like this again (and don't look too closely at my white roses, they aren't all that nice because I was using icing that was just way too soft and thin and I was too lazy to make it more stiff...)

Happy Birthday Heather!!  Hope you enjoyed your cake!

And now I must go and get ready for my busy day.  This weekend I'll be at Camp Croppin'.  I'm excited for the chance to do some scrapbooking (which has been so long... almost since last year, but whatever!) and more importantly, to spend the weekend with some great friends.

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  1. I love how you did the top! It looks so much tidier than how I was doing it... I might be doing one of these for Marley this year. Or an owl cake. Want to help??