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Friday, 3 February 2012

Valentine Heart Braids

So, I'm starting to see more and more talk of Valentines day. After all, it's less than 2 weeks away now.

I was looking on youtube and came across a tutorial for a heart french braid by cute girls hairstyles. (click name for a link to it) On a side note...have you seen her tutorials? Do you have little girls and want some great ideas? She's got some great videos.

Anyways, it's very similar to the heart french braid that I do every year (I think I started doing this particular braid about 8 years ago), which I'm going to show you here. They're similar but at the same time, they're quite different. ......
(sorry, not all the pictures are the greatest and I actually took all these pictures last year when I posted them on Facebook before I started my blog)

Want to do this too?? Here's how I do it. (it's times like this, I think I should just do a video myself, but I can't stand videos of myself (I cringe when I watch home videos)...but it would be so much easier to explain it.) Hope you can follow along...

So, when I do this particular braid, I just do a regular french braid. I don't do the outie kind (unless you want to, like the youtube tutorial, but I don't think it needs it)

When I start this braid, I part the hair right down the middle and work on each side seperately.

To start, I take a very small amount of hair. Very small, as in a few strands of hair almost in each of the three strands. That way, there isn't any extra unwanted parts in the hair (see the youtube video in comparison).

I then start my french braid by picking up hair ONLY from the side that is closest to the centre part/front of the head. As you're working, picking up only from one side, continue to curve the braid around.

When you start getting close to the ear, that's when you can start picking up hair from both sides. Do this a few times and go back to picking up from one side again, except this time, you'll be picking up from the inside heart. See picture below to see how far I braid on the side...
As your picking up strands from the inside of the heart, you'll find that as you're tapering towards the centre, you'll be picking up less and less hair. You want to keep what you're picking up to be within the heart.

Complete one side. Tie with an elastic and then do the other side.
Tie both sides together to complete the heart.
(gosh, I hope this makes sense to you!! If you've got questions, just let me know...)

So, that's my variation in the Valentine Heart Braid. My girls love it when I do this for them at Valentines.

You've got a little less than 2 weeks to practice, but I promise you'll love it!

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  1. You're such a fun mom, Amber! Very cool. I'm not sure my girls would sit long enough for this...