Kiddle Family - November 2012

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Santa's Helper

Yesterday was a real special treat. Matthew and I had the privilege of being Santa's Helper for a while and accompany him as he visited some of our friends' homes.

There's something magical about Santa. I love seeing the reactions of the little kids when they come to the door and find him standing there, waiting to give out treats and little gifts and to talk to them. Some kids become very shy and just stand there or they hide behind their mothers. Some kids get very excited and can hardly stand still. I love it!

Thank you Santa for spending some time with us during this busy time of year.
Matthew and I had a blast!
Oh, and here's a little peek at what Santa drives around the city in... a mini van with a nice lit-up Christmas tree on top!


  1. Huh, and here I thought Santa drove a Goldwing! ;) I suppose it would be tricky to balance that big sack of toys on the back...

  2. Melanie, you're right though, on nice days with not too much ice, Santa can be seen riding around on his orange Goldwing... complete with a lit-up Christmas tree too!!